I don't like celebrating deaths, but it's pretty hard to be sorry about this guy's.

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Got to thinking about stuff from M-Day I don't really want stuck in my head again. Took long enough to stop seeing some of it every time I closed my eyes the first time.

So, since it's that or a bottle of tequila or three and everybody tells me that's an unhealthy life choice, I'm going for a long drive with very loud music. Anyone want to come with?
OK, that's four missing kids in ten days, three of them from Salem Center, and the last two were together. I checked out the first two, just in case, and I can't find anything mutant-related about them or their families, but something's going on.
So who thinks this building in Brownsville just happened to collapse on its own?


Jan. 14th, 2015 11:02 pm
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Tabitha.  Catseye.  Yvette.  Sam.  Matt.

Nate.  Moira.

Everyone who didn't get off Muir.

And my mom.  She was visiting.  I was hoping she left before they came.  But she didn't.
...my office is being invaded.  And one of the kings seems to have decided my dog is a horse.
Billy, did you wish for snow again?
Thanks for the birthday presents!  Molly, he lives on my desk now.
I think I'll be Skyping with Tel Aviv a lot today.
...was that Logan I just saw heading out the back door?
Who knew Mama Lupe had a line on really good vodka as well as the second-best tacos in New York?
Alejandra's moving to Cleveland.  Miguel's not doing well, they've got pretty much the number 1 heart hospital in the country down there, and she wants to go with him.  So I helped get things set up for them, and... yeah.  Cleveland.

Not much more to say about that.
Thanks for the birthday presents, everybody.  My desk looks a lot more lived-in now.  And, of course, the gifts that don't go on my desk are just as appreciated.
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So yeah, I'm back.  I'm... not really sure what to do now.
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I had a meeting with the Elpis board today.  Doooes anyone want to guess what they had to say?  Well, I'm going to tell you anyway.

"We're very sorry, Angelo.  Your presence at Elpis has now become detrimental because representatives of the countries that need us most have decided to take you being accused of terrorism as an excuse to blacklist us and never mind that Genosha took that back in full.  You can have this severance package and our thanks for all your work and we hope it makes you feel better about being fired for getting kidnapped."

And now I'm drunk somewhere in Manhattan and I think I need a drinking buddy.
Just discovered a movie exists called Mongolian Death Worm.  I think I need to add this to the collection.
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Does anyone know exactly what the hell just happened?
So who wants to be the lucky recipient I share my new powers trick with?  It's cool, I promise.
If anyone happens to be checking the Danger Room logs anytime soon, I want to point out the dancing snake was Jean's idea.
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